HR software for small business

A smarter way to manage HR for busy leaders

Walli's an HR software that uses AI to automate repetitive tasks and simplify workflows, so you can focus on what's important - your people.

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The rise of AI in HR

Traditional HR is just compliance, great HR is a strategic driver for growth.

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More strategic work

Walli gives you back the time
needed to focus on  projects
that will drive your business
forward like product
development, culture or sales. 

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Better talent experiences

Gain deep insight into what’s happening at the individual level or company-wide sentiment – without spending hours on performance reviews or surveys.

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HR = humans + robots

Our AI copilot makes your job easier, but doesn’t replace higher level thinking. We simply want to give you a tool that makes it easier to do great work. 

Simplify your HR to boost your business

Hire great talent faster

Streamline and automate hiring tasks to speed up the time to find, assess, hire great talent.

Full applicant tracking system, with AI help to …

Draft job descriptions
Summarize & score hundreds of CVs
Create and edit offer letters
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Retain your best people

Walli HR makes it easier to identify development opportunities and connects these with company goals

Full performance hub, with AI help to …

Generate bespoke performance review questions
Summarize performance reviews
Automatically recommend courses based on performance reviews
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Unify all your HR tasks into one platform

Manage all your core HR activities for both contractors and employees in one place; including expense reporting, time tracking, payroll, onboarding, hiring records, and more!

Core HR for …

Both employees and contractors
Multiple companies from one platform
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Built for fractional HR
& scaling companies

Operations & leadership

Managed by humans, assisted by AI
Walli isn’t meant to replace human decision making. Instead, our goal is to compliment you and your team, so you can take time back to focus on growing your business.

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Fractional HR

Manage multiple companies from one platform
Walli is the only platform on the market that lets you manage all of your companies from a single account.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI copilot?

An AI copliot goes beyond a simple AI feature here and there. Our goal was to weave AI into the entire employee lifecycle to give you support that saves time, resources, and provides proper assistance.

How does AI make HR easier?

A lot of HR is simply paperwork, spreadsheets, and coordination. Leaders get stuck managing admin instead of investing their energy into strategic activities like talent development or growth.

Can I manage HR for multiple companies from my account?

Yes! Walli HR is the only platform on the market built for fractional HR leaders. Easily switch between companies from a single account.

Does AI remove the human touch?

AI can now take on much of what has up until now been manual. Think of AI in HR like Google Maps compared to the Yellow Pages. It doesn't replace humans, but makes your life so much easier.

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