Meet Walli, your new assistant

We know this is a bold statement, but we mean it. Walli was built to help leaders who feel like HR paperwork is never ending.

Your HR tech stack is slowing you down

Most HR platforms claim they unlock smart people to work on hard problems. But is this actually true? Most platforms are outdated, clunky, and disconnected. And they just store your employee data; they don’t offer much that saves you time.

Artificial intelligence in human resources

The opportunity for AI to change HR is massive. Personalized course recommendations based on individual performance reviews and unbiased summaries of hundreds of CVs are just a couple examples. What used to take hours, will now only take minutes.

HR software that actually saves you time

Walli HR is a fresh approach to HR. We’ve woven AI into every touchpoint of the employee lifecycle - from hire to retire. Our AI co-pilot compliments human decision making, but doesn’t aim to replace it. Instead, our mission is to give back hours to you and your team.

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